Friday, January 2, 2015

Walking with Jack

I am sent dozens of books for review on a monthly basis.  I am a bit of a picky reader, so I found one that I thought my dad might enjoy as he is a golfer.  Below is his review of this book.

 Walking with Jack; A Father's Journey to Become His Son's Caddy by Don Snyder is a book I read primarily because of the back cover recommendation from John Feinstein, author of the great golf book, A Good Walk Spoiled.  Unfortunately, this one wasn't quite "up to par."
First of all, I thought the story was unique and very interesting- a middle-aged father going into training in the hope of becoming his college-aged son's caddy on a professional tour. Snyder's narrative of his time in Scotland learning how to caddy was the most entertaining part of the story. The writing was excellent and made the experience quite vivid.
Secondly, the criticisms noted by others who have reviewed this book on Amazon are fair, particularly those related to the experience Snyder had when was caddying for his son.  The overly sentimental and emotional tone surrounding his son was a bit much.  I found it hard to relate.
Overall, the story was not so much about golf, Scotland, and caddying, as it was a memoir of a man's relationship with his son and his attempt to create a unique and special bond with him. This may appeal to a broader audience than just golfers, but was not quite what I was hoping for. 

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