Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ms. Marvel

With my limited alone time at home, I have found it hard to get into a good long book.  I'm usually
asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  This is when I turn to comic books and graphic novels to satiate my reading appetite.  They are fast to read because the stories are short, so I can consume an entire book in one quick reading session.  I headed up to Iowa City to shop at Daydream Comics to pick up a few new issues. 
My first read was Ms Marvel in graphic novel form.  (I also picked up the newest issue.)  Ms. Marvel has been around for sometime.  After Captain Marvel died, Ms. Marvel became Captain and this series introduces a new Ms Marvel in the form of Kamala Khan.

Kamala is the first Muslim- American character to headline a book for Marvel Comics.  Her transformation into Ms Marvel comes during a mysterious mist that envelops her after sneaking out of her house to go to a party.  Her religion and culture play a role in how she must hide her powers from her parents and how they react to her suddenly strange behavior and disappearances. 
Readers will learn of a strange man called The Inventor who is manipulating local teens into committing crimes.  Kamala will eventually team up with Wolverine to help take down the Inventor. 

This is a great book to grab that allows readers to get into a character's story right from the origin.  Her heritage puts a unique spin on the alter ego struggles familiar to superhero stories.  I'm very excited to see where Kamala's story is headed.