Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not reading lately?

I feel like I haven't been reading lately, but when I think about it, I actually have.  It just hasn't been much of what I really want to read. 

Last month our book club read The Cherry Cola Book Club.  It's about Maura Beth Mayhew, a librarian in Mississippi, who is struggling to keep the library open.  To bolster attendance and impress the city council, she decides to start a book club.  This was a cute book, best read with an internal southern accent.  However, it was a bit too sweet and saccharine for my tastes, with minimal character development.  Very light, fluffy read.  Would recommend for fans of cozy mysteries.

I also picked up the graphic novel, Lumberjanes.  Written for a YA audience, Lumberjanes follows a group of teens attending the Lumberjanes summer camp.   The Lumberjanes are similar to the girl scouts in that they earn badges for various activities.  This group of girls ends up getting into quite a bit of trouble, sneaking off in the middle of night and encountering some very strange paranormal creatures.  

My favorite books to read are non-fiction, so I picked up The Boys Who Challenged Hitler by Phillip Hoose.  The Danish resistance to the Nazi invasion was started by a group of 8th grade boys who formed a club called the Churchill Club.  They would ride around their bicycles and plan ways to sabotage the Nazis.  
They started by stealing Nazi weapons and eventually the group planned bigger acts like sneaking into headquarters and burning blueprints, and even destroying vehicles, and train cars.  They were captured, but their small acts of resistance inspired the rest of the country to begin a larger  movement.