Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Man Who Killed Kennedy

I love a good conspiracy theory and the assassination of JFK is surrounded by many.  The Man Who Killed Kennedy by Roger Stone details why the author believes Lyndon B Johnson was behind the assassination. 

The book begins by describing LBJ as a womanizing sociopath.  Several sources confirm that he more affairs than Kennedy himself. (I guess some women are attracted to....power?)  He was crude and dismissive towards anyone who stood in his path to political power.  The times were different back then, and the press kept his personality undercover.  

The real question though, is why would LBJ conspire to kill Kennedy?  Among other reasons, Bobby Kennedy and LBJ despised each other, and a plan was put into place for Kennedy to dump Johnson in '64 and for RFK to indict him on corruption charges.  According to Stone, LBJ was able to partner with the mafia and CIA to orchestrate the assassination.  The author also calls into question the lone gunman theory.  With his massive amount of notes and his history as a close confidant of Nixon, Stone makes a compelling case.

So am I convinced by this theory?  Surprisingly, yes.  But then again, history can and is written and rewritten from different authors who all share the same evidence and sources.  Fans of 20th century history and/or conspiracy theories should enjoy this scathing book.  

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