Thursday, October 30, 2014


I have never thought much about the history of running as a sport, but, because I'm a runner, I decided to give this book a try. Kings of the Road is the story of how running became such a popular sport. I hadn't realized that, prior to these three men, Shorter, Rogers, and Salazar, running wasn't a huge American sport.
The story begins by introducing and giving brief descriptions of the three men, how they grew up, what their running style was. Runners weren't big name athletes, most could barely live on their paltry earnings. These men ran because they loved it, not for fame or fortune. He also talks a bit about the history of Falmouth Road Race, the NY Marathon, and the times these men competed against each other. The only time all three ran against each other was once, in Falmouth.
You wouldn't think that reading about someone running would be terribly interesting, but Stracher does a great job describing the race in a way that makes it exciting. He also really brings the "characters" to life, describing their personalities and lifestyles.
I recommend this book to readers of sports non-fiction. Doesn't matter if you are a runner, the writing, suspense and competitiveness will appeal to all.

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